Marietas Islands

Marietas Islands

With crystalline waters and white sands, nobody could imagine that the Marietas Islands were once used by the Government to carry out bombing practice. The Marietas Islands are a group of uninhabited islands a few miles east of Puerto Vallarta Jalisco, Mexico.

It is forbidden to explore the islands. You need special permission by the government to walk around. This is the reason why only a few groups of tour operators have the permission to take the general public to visit the islands in a designated area so that tourists can observe the spectacular beauty that can be found here.

It is important to emphasize that life in the Marieta Islands is respected, so you can not fish or hunt. It is perhaps for this reason that many consider the Marieta Islands one of the few ecological refuges on the planet, and it is not surprising that it has become a very interesting tourist destination.

The water here is so clear that it can be seen 10 meters deep, but best of all are its reefs, swimming in these waters make you feel at peace, as if you were swimming in a giant aquarium.

The Marietas Islands became famous by the oceanographer Jacques Cousteau who called on the Mexican government to preserve the islands. The marietas are home to many birds such as the blue-footed bird and a very large diversity of fish, as well as year-round dolphins and humpback whales in the winter.


This is one of the questions that we are most often asked. Having said that the Marieta islands are protected by the government, it is important to note that you should not remove anything from the boat, for example, cigarettes, food, drinks, etc. The only thing allowed is your life jacket, snorkel, and waterproof cameras. Once you return to the boat, it is not allowed to bring anything from the islands as souvenirs such as sand, rocks, shells, nothing. You only leave with what you arrived with, and the photos and memories that will last forever.

Things to take to the tour:
Comfortable beach clothes
In winter a light sweater
Photographic camera: Your camera should be waterproof because in order to reach the island, some swimming is involved. Otherwise, leave the camera on the boat.

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